Fitness & Beauty Professional is a monthly publication covering all the latest information, news, legislation, products & services for Gyms, Spas, Health Clubs, Beauty Salons, Aesthetic Clinics, Leisure Centres, Training Academies, Hotels, Beauty Schools & Consultants, Hair Salons & all places of that ilk.

Being a digital publication, we can be read anywhere, anytime on a Computer, Tablet or Phone, so we’re perfect for the daily commute, relaxing of an evening or during breaks at work.

There is a total of 73,571 opt in subscribers covering all job titles, making sure we reach the Owners/Managers/Directors, Personal Trainers, Beauty Technicians, Therapists, Cosmetic & Aesthetic Practitioners, Food & Beverage Managers ,Instructors, Sales Personnel and decision makers from recruitment, purchasing and design within the company.

Our publication is split into two separate magazines, Fitness & Beauty. The Fitness side has 27,360 subscribers, the Beauty 25,371 and 20,847 independent hotels having spas & gyms attached to them whom are interested in both sides of the publication. On the front cover is another smaller front cover for the beauty side. If you click onto it, it will take you directly to that magazine

Our monthly newsletter goes out to a total of 8,432 as well and is also sent out once a month.

From the café bar to the massage couch and from the treadmill to pool side, Fitness & Beauty Professional is a must read for anyone within the leisure & health industry.