BrainZyme – Guy Learmonth’s Newest Training Aid

BrainZyme – Guy Learmonth’s Newest Training Aid

BrainZyme is the UK’s first Brain Food Supplement Nutritional Cognitive Enhancer (NCE) with natural matcha, guarana and vitamins/minerals

Guy Learmonth, current British champion 800 metre runner, uses BrainZyme to get a “mental edge over [his] rivals”

BrainZyme is scientifically proven to improve concentration and reduce tiredness

Manufactured in the UK, BrainZyme is compliant with 6 government agencies, natural, safe and contains no ingredients prohibited by the WADA

BrainZyme is gluten free, sugar free, carb free, vegan and suitable for ketogenic dieters

BrainZyme begins to work within an hour

Edinburgh, 29th of November 2017

Running demands both a strong body and a strong mind – with athletes’ focus being tested both on the track and in training. To improve their mental game, numerous sportspeople use BrainZyme, a new supplement. The most well-known of these sportspeople is British Indoor champion and second-fastest Scotsman of all time, Guy Learmonth. Learmonth said that “The power of the mind is widely overlooked when performing, but I truly believe winning and losing is determined weeks before anyone steps out onto the track and that is why I am bringing BrainZyme into my everyday life.”

Learmonth states that “I am bringing BrainZyme into my everyday life, to improve my mental performance, concentration and alertness in training on a daily basis so that come race day, I am 100% mentally as well as physically ready.” Learmonth also added that “with BrainZyme I’ve found an incredible food supplement for training, racing and all aspects of my life away from the track. Races at the highest of levels come down to fine margins, winning or losing, medalling or not, can come down to hundredths of seconds and BrainZyme is helping provide me with that natural cognitive enhancer to gain that mental edge over my rivals.”

The supplement is very beneficial for Learmonth, providing him with the cognitive boost that an elite runner needs to perform at their peak. BrainZyme might be worth investigating for athletes who want to support their mental performance on the track, in training or in day-to-day work.

This desire for cognitive enhancement is why Edinburgh-based Better Nutritional Science initially launched BrainZyme. BrainZyme is a new brain food supplement that works within an hour to support clearer thinking and unlock energy. As shown by Guy Learmonth’s review, the nutritional capsules are ideal for those wanting more drive, concentration and energy in their training, competition, or life outside of running.

BrainZyme is a Nutritional Cognitive Enhancer (NCE) with natural matcha, guarana and vitamins/minerals, and is backed up by real science that supports its claims of enabling concentration, enhancing mental performance, and reducing tiredness. It also helps with reducing procrastination, ignoring distractions and improving multitasking for 4-6 hours

The supplement’s scientific backing was confirmed by one of Britain’s top nutritional scientists, Dr Laura Wyness. Dr Wyness completed an audit of the BrainZyme product range, with her audit stating that, “Many of the vitamins and minerals included are helpful in providing short-term support for areas where there might be short-falls in nutrients related to areas such as cognitive function, mental performance, psychological function (in totality, supporting clearer thinking) and energy yielding metabolism; helping to release energy from the foods we eat; and reducing tiredness and fatigue (in totality supporting nutritional energy).”

As BrainZyme uses only concentrated nutrients to enhance cognition, none of the ingredients in any formulation of it are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). NCEs such as BrainZyme are safe, legal and effective ways for athletes to boost their mental performance and enhance cognition with no concerns over side-effects or drug tests.

Better Nutritional Science successfully qualified for Scottish Enterprise’s Wider Innovation (Make it to Market) grant earlier in the year. “It is envisaged that the identified health benefits of the product will enable the business to capitalise on the growing brain health supplement market, which is globally estimated to reach £8.52 billion in under 7 years,” stated Thea Ní Lionnáin, Innovation Specialist at Scottish Enterprise.

BrainZyme is available online at The product range has three products priced between £9.95 to £25.95 for a pack of 30 capsules (varieties range from ‘entry level’, for ‘pressure situations’ and for ‘longer periods’). The product is sugar free, carb free and vegan.

Better Nutritional Science is in talks with a major retailer to launch BrainZyme in stores over the next few months.