I Sea Healthy alternatives

Have you ever tried Pasta or Bacon made out of Seaweed? If the answers no, have a look at these healthy alternatives of some of our favourite foods.

I Sea Bacon – £6.95 – Seamore
Why not take the plunge with I Sea Bacon, a healthy seaweed alternative of a much loved classic. Upgrade your meal time, it’s perfect for anything from sandwiches to salads, offering a range of nutritional benefits and a delicious salty, smoky kick with added crunch. I Sea Bacon is also: organic, gluten free, low in carbs, vegan friendly and is highly sustainable.

I Sea Pasta £4.95 – Seamore
Pasta has almost become an essential, we add it to a range of dishes and never think of the calories. 100 grams of taglietelle pasta is 288 calories of carbs, but why not substitute your regular pasta for a vegetable alternative that is good for both your taste buds and your health? The seaweed alternative “I Sea Pasta” from Seamore, is 178 calories for 100 grams, that’s over 100 calories less! Try switching pasta for seweed in a range of evening meals 2-3 times a week and your loosing 300 calories a week, that’s 15,600 calories a year.