Pulsin launch first range of naturally flavoured protein powders

Nutritional snack brand Pulsin is launching two new naturally flavoured protein powders that will be available to buy from January 2018. The powders offer a tasty addition to Pulsin’s existing healthy product range and come in two classic flavours – vanilla and chocolate.



A leading nutritional snack brand is launching a new range of naturally flavoured protein powders in the New Year, offering time-strapped consumers a convenient and tasty way of boosting their protein intake.

British snack brand Pulsin, www.pulsin.co.uk, created the two new flavoured powders to expand their product offering and to reach a wider audience of nutrition-conscious customers. Previously, all of Pulsin’s protein powders had been unflavoured, allowing customers to add them to their favourite recipes to boost their daily protein intake.

The natural chocolate pea protein powder is rich in zinc and iron and easily digested. With 17g of protein per 25g serving the plant-based powder is made with Belgian or French golden peas, is vegan and has no added sugar.

The vanilla whey protein powder is rich in essential amino acids and high in calcium which is vital for muscles and bones. With 22g of protein per 25g serving, the natural powder is vegetarian, low fat, made using hormone-free milk from UK grass-fed cows and has no added sugar.

Both can be added to a milk of choice or water to create a handy and healthy protein shake. They can also be added to other recipes such as smoothies and breakfast bowls to provide a protein boost.

The new flavours, which are launching in January 2018, can be purchased via Pulsin’s website – www.pulsin.co.uk or at selected grocery retailers and health food stores. It will retail at £1.99 for a 25g single serve sachet, or £14.99 for a 250g pouch.

Having recently celebrated its 10th year in business, Pulsin, which has its headquarters and production centre in Gloucestershire, has sold more than 12 million protein bars and raw choc brownies. Pulsin has sold more than 563 tonnes of protein powder – and is stocked in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods Market, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and other leading health food stores.

Pulsin marketing manager Steff Parker, said,

“We believe it’s important to use customer feedback to contribute to our NPD and it’s long been on our customers’ wish list for us to develop a flavoured version of our powders. So, we’re thrilled to be starting off 2018 with this product release knowing that consumers will now have the choice of a powder that is high in protein, healthy and natural but without compromising the taste.”

To order, or for more information about the new flavoured protein powder range as well as your Pulsin favourites, call 01452 729000 or visit: pulsin.co.uk