Give A White Smile This Christmas

Give A White Smile This Christmas With Our Number One Stocking Filler!!!

Seeing as we have very little chance of having a white Christmas, give the next best thing. A white smile! The 7 Day Smile Detox has hit the homes of thousands of people, selling out across social media through distributors of over 40 cities and is a perfect stocking filler.

This oral care phenomenon boasts a two in one dual action by not only removing stains, but preventing them from returning and is available for just £25 through the Smile Enhance Team.

Designed and created by CEO Rebecca Moorfield, the crystal blue kit is known for its non sensitivity barrier and unbelievable results which can be seen after the first use. The Crystal Blue Technology in the stain removal kits are producing results which are catching the eyes of the public all over the world, with some famous faces pulling in on the action too.

This incredible instant result product has been seen in supermarkets across the U.K. and Ireland. Not stopping there Smile Enhance has also launched their new toothpaste range, CBT™ (Crystal Blue Technology) and Polvo’s (black and white).

With over 60,000 followers across social media and thousands of stain removal packs sold, this product is not to be missed off anyone’s Christmas list. What could be better than a gleaming white smile for Christmas? It can be found on the shelves of supermarkets such as Aldi and can be purchased online through Smile Enhance Direc