Are you one of over 4 million Brits suddenly discovering that your skin seems more sensitive than normal? Have you recently noticed those red veins marring your face ? Whether it’s linked to the sudden and drastic change in weather or to circulatory problems, age, pregnancy, sun exposure, and obesity, baring your legs or even paring back on makeup will be the last thing on your mind this season. Now an innovative and unique, all in one balm is set to launch in the UK that reduces the appearance of Couperose, Spider Veins and Thread Veins, with results in just one week with a twice a day application.

Developed by Swissforce Pharma AG1 in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Couperose & Thread Veins Balm (30ml), £24.95 from is a fast, effective, long lasting and unique blend of ingredients such as concentrates of red vine leaves, roses, gingko and calendula, along with purple-red algae, Swiss cress, soy protein extracts, and Crystal Mint. Enriched with Shea butter, Panthenol (Provitamin B-5) Rice bran oil and Vitamin E acetate, this high-quality balm:
• Reduces the appearance of skin redness, couperose, thread and spider veins
• Calms and soothes and deeply nourishes the skin
• Increases skin resistance to reddening and flushing
• Reduces the sensitivity to triggers that cause flushing
• Acts like a toner by regulating skin function
• tried and tested formula

The product Couperose & Thread Veins Balm has a tried and tested formula against Subtype 1 Telangiectasia, (small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin and skin redness). In clinical trials, of 22 females tested in the demographic 35+ years, 81% saw a reduction in skin redness after 7 days, and 77% saw a reduction in the intensity of visible blood vessels, with two applications a day.

After 28 days use 91% saw a significant reduction in skin redness and a more even skin tone, 82% saw a reduction in the intensity of visible blood vessels, 95% said they would like to continue to use the balm and 91% said they would buy it. Quote :Efficacy Evaluation Of Couperose Thread And Spider Veins Balm by Swissforce Study 16E3558

The skin becomes:
• Less red
• Thread veins are less visible
• The skin is more unified
This unique formula is manufactured in Switzerland to high quality standards with ingredients:

Concentrate from red vine leaves, roses and gingko
It is a phyto-complex that improves the overall tone of the skin and reduces the visible appearance of redness, and of spider or thread veins.
Concentrate from Calendula
Immediate, effective and long-lasting moisturizer; calming and soothing.
Swiss cress and soy proteins extracts
Creates an even skin tone and prevents photo-aging.
Purple-red algae extract
Minimizes the appearance of couperose, skin redness and spider veins. it acts as toner by regulating the skin function.
Crystal Mint
Perfect for illuminating the skin and giving a flawless even-toned appearance.

Directions for use: apply morning & evening after cleansing on skin areas to be treated.

• Pleasant and light fragrance
• Absorbs immediately
• Non-greasy
• Suitable for all skin types

With an estimated 45 million sufferers worldwide, and celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Rene Zellweger, Lisa Faulkner, Prince William and actress Cynthia Nixon all being sufferers of Rosacea, there is no discrimination between men or women. It is still not known what causes Rosacea, however experts have identified several factors that commonly link sufferers. Age; more women than men between 30 and 60 years of age seem to develop it, and commonly after the menopause or hormonal fluctuations. Other triggers can include UV damage, genetics (family members), stress, hot & cold weather, humidity, spicy foods, alcohol, fragranced skin care products and even strenuous exercise.
The primary signs of Rosacea are a flushed inflamed skin, which can be intermittent in the early stages. More persistent redness resembling sunburn is the most common sign. Small bumps or pimples often develop, similar in appearance to acne, but leave no scarring. Small blood vessels are also a common visual sign. The redness can be accompanied by a burning or stinging sensation, even itching.

Couperose, whilst similar to Rosacea with the red complexion being a common characteristic, is classed as a different condition. The visible flushed appearance is caused by the presence of bright red capillaries that occur because of the poor elasticity of the capillary walls. The classic symptoms of Couperose are a dry and tightening of the skin on the cheeks, nose and neck. Rosacea is different as it is more inflamed with visible bumps, and has been known to occur on the neck chest, scalp and even the ears.

Spider Veins Spider veins are small, twisted blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They may be red, purple, or blue and most often appear on the legs or face. They take their name from their striking spiderweb pattern.

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of the skin and look like fine red, or sometimes purple, wiggly lines. They appear because of weak or damaged valves in the veins mostly due to hormonal changes. Around one in five women in their 20s have thread veins, a figure that rises to around half by the age of forty and continues to increase. By the age of 70 over 70 per cent of women2 have some thread veins.

The Couperose & Thread Veins Balm by Swissforce® (30ml), £24.95 is available now from and