Online ‘one-stop-shop’ for fitness addicts and independent brands launches

A new ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things fitness has launched in the UK, selling a range of products from unique, independent brands, including supplements, clothing, shoes, nutrition and professional equipment, to become the Etsy of the fitness community.

The online shop promises to supply fitness enthusiasts with a unique range of brands and an easy way to shop for all their fitness needs in one place.

A new online marketplace selling the widest variety of fitness products on one site, has launched in the UK. Unlike other fitness marketplaces, customers will have access to a complete range of fitness goods, from clothing to supplements, to equipment and food.

It also supports unique and independent brands, giving them a platform to market and sell their products.

The platform, Blue Apple Fitness, already has suppliers from around the world selling through the site, with products ranging from protein powder and supplements, to professional gym apparatus, like yoga swings and clothing. Blue Apple Fitness has its sights set on becoming the Etsy of the fitness community.

The company was created by fitness enthusiast Jyoti Mehan, who realised there was a gap in the market for a one-stop-shop that catered to both men and women, after becoming frustrated with having to buy all her products from numerous different sites.

The marketplace ships nationwide and sells products from exciting suppliers such as Lily Ro and Electric Yoga from the US and Engineered Aesthetics and Tom Oliver from the UK.

Blue Apple Fitness will be running monthly social media competitions, where customers can win some of the site’s fitness products, as well as offer healthy recipes and effective workouts to do at home and in the gym on the site’s blog page.

Jyoti Mehan, founder of Blue Apple Fitness said,
“There are dozens of sites out there specialising in different areas of fitness, whether it be nutrition, supplements, gym wear, shoes, weights or gym equipment. However, none provide you with all of these things all in one place. That’s when I had a light bulb moment and decided to start Blue Apple Fitness.

“I also realised that these fitness marketplaces only sold the big brands, like Nike and Adidas, and I wanted to create something that supported the great, unique, independent brands that the UK has to offer. I’m sure there are many fitness fanatics out there like me, who want to stand out whilst they work out!

“People are becoming more time strapped than ever, and for some this means prioritising everything else over health. We’ve seen a rise in 24hour gyms in the UK to battle this, so why hasn’t there been a change in the way we buy our apparel and food? Our goal is to give consumers the most complete range of fitness goods so they can spend less time shopping and more time squatting!”

If you’re interested in joining the Blue Apple Fitness community of buyers and suppliers, head to or search for Blue Apple Fitness on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram