Best foot forward –get feet summer ready the easy way with Beautyfeet socks

From making the most of the longer days by stepping up the fitness regime, to hitting the fake tan, the transition from winter cover-ups to beach ready doesn’t happen overnight.

Thankfully, with Beautyfeet socks, feet can look summer-ready without the need for expensive creams and treatments. With the Beautyfeet range of innovative sockwear from leading sock brand, SockShop™, everyone can have pampered feet that are soft, nourished and too pretty to keep covered up.

Six months with little attention means feet are often in desperate need of some TLC. While a splash of colour on toenails, (taupe, grey and zingy brights are perfect for the season), can help feet to look a little happier, a thorough makeover is best.

The idea behind Beautyfeet is simple; socks that get to work on hard, rough skin from the moment they are put on, with no need to apply lotions, use tools or gadgets or in fact, do anything other than wear them!

While the theory is simple, the patented technology behind what makes these innovative socks so effective is a little more complicated. Made with nourishing pads integrated into the heel, the super-nourishing formula, which is made from a secret blend of Chinese herbal ingredients and Nano-silver, leaves feet moisturised and nourished.

Worn daily, the socks work on banishing hard skin and rough heels almost immediately, with noticeable results from the first wear and totally revived tootsies after just 14 days of wear.

The perfect choice for those looking for an easy way to improve the condition of their feet, Beautyfeet can also help those with skin conditions, helping to soothe problem areas.

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