YourZooki: The tropical emulsion replacing large capsules and eliminating fishy burps

The tropical emulsion replacing large capsules and eliminating fishy burps


Do you suffer from tired and clicky joints?

Do you take cod liver oil, fish oil or capsules each morning?

Is the capsule difficult to swallow or unenjoyable?

Do you suffer from fishy burps during your morning run?

Yes? Well you are not alone! For far too long runners have tolerated bad tasting fish oils in capsules that are difficult to swallow and for many athletes, result inFishy Burps!!!

A taboo topic that has long been ignored… Until now!  

Introducing the world’s first all-natural emulsion to successfully mask the fishy taste and smell of pharmaceutical grade fish-oil. YourZooki’s Omega Zooki has a smooth, creamy texture, enhanced with Vitamin E and Omega 3 Fatty Acids EPA & DHA and coloured using Tumeric.

“The Omega Zooki made taking my Omega 3’s enjoyable rather than inconvenient, it tastes like a Solero, and once opened you keep it in the fridge. One bottle lasted me 2 1/2 months but my wife was caught sneaking spoonfuls J

–          Said Ben Grimmond 14-time Iron Man and 2-time European Champion

Joint pain is worryingly common among athletes, sportsmen and weightlifters, and more disconcerting are the solutions UK Doctors are suggesting – big capsules or liquid fish oil. 

Stuck between a rock and a fishy place? :O Not anymore!

YourZooki provides a tropical emulsion that in addition to easing joint pain and boosting the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs, will also:

·         Contribute to the normal function of your heart

·         Contribute to the maintenance of the normal function of your brain and vision

·         Increase recover rate

·         Reduce muscle soreness

·         Burn Fat and slow muscle loss

          Lower Triglycerides

·         Boost the immune system

·         Reverse age-related eye disorders i.e cataracts

·         Lead to healthier skin and hair

·         Lower the risk of heart disease

·         Help Prevent Alzheimer’s/Dementia

·         Help reduce the risk of diabetes from developing cognitive deficit

·         Help decrease major depression disorder symptoms

“I underwent surgery because of a Rugby injury and during recovery, my Doctor encouraged me to increase my Omega 3 intake. I hated the repeating aftertaste and big pills, so Jack and I set out to invent, not just a tolerable alternative, but an enjoyable one; one people would look forward to taking.

–          Said Marcus Mollinga

Just one teaspoon is needed to hit your recommended daily amount of Omega 3 Fatty acids so popular ways of enjoying YourZooki include:

–          Drizzling it over fruit

–          Supercharging a smoothie

–          Adding it to your porridge.

–          Lick it straight from the spoon

You are only limited by your imagination…

Not sure if your consuming enough Omega 3 from your diet???

Take this short quiz …Am I getting enough Omega 3 Fatty Acids?

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