A new five-day cleansing journey at SALA Resort and Spa on Phuket and Koh Samui

Utter seclusion, luxurious surroundings and perfect peace just got better. SALA Resorts and Spas is delighted to launch “Revive,” a 5-day cleanse designed to to increase wellness and re-calibrate balance – deep in the heart of Paradise.

Including holistic spa treatments, yoga, fresh, rejuvenating juices and healthy gourmet meals – this is a true retreat offering a heavenly health boost amidst some of the world’s loveliest surroundings. Avaliable at SALA Samui Choengmon Beach Resort and Spa and SALA Phuket Resort and Spa, the 5 day plan is designed to improve digestion, organ and systemic functions, aid the immune system and restore energy levels, helping the body into a balanced state of health.

Developed together with leading wellness provider Amrita, the holistic programme uses medicinal Thai herbs and plants as ingredients for unique detox shake formulas, designed to help the body remove toxins and at the same time to nourish and protect it from oxidative damage caused by the release of those toxins.

The 100% natural detoxification process includes a choice of two comprehensive meal plans: a strict menu or a protein-enhanced menu. Coconut juice and tropical fruits are served alongside detox juices throughout the day. Before embarking on the programme, guests go through an evaluation process by Dr. Graham Rowe, Chief Naturopath at Amrita.

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A typical day then starts at 8 a.m. when guests drink 500ml of water with lime. Breakfast may include two boiled eggs, gluten-free bread, avocado, and sautéed mushrooms. A mid-morning detox shake is followed by a light lunch at noon with tasty options such as gluten-free penne with chickpeas in tomato sauce. Every afternoon, guests can enjoy a spa treatment with choices ranging from a Seaweed Detoxifying Body Wrap to a Tri-Phase Stone Therapy. A detox shake is served before a thrice-weekly group yoga class at 5 p.m. The last meal of the day is from a dinner menu that includes dishes such as pomelo green mango salad served over brown rice.

Guests are encouraged to enjoy the resort’s facilities and may opt for a gentle swim in the resorts’ inviting pools, a leisurely bike ride through gorgeous jungle, or a stroll on a stretch of pristine white sand. In the evenings, guests can join complimentary activities offered by the resorts, which include a weekly movie on the beach.

“Not everything can be re-balanced in five days, but with our detox programmes we hope to demonstrate that wellness can also be an enjoyable experience, and it doesn’t take much to improve your overall sense of well-being,” said Jon Ashenden, regional general manager of SALA Hospitality.

To encourage guests to continue on their wellness journey when home, those who complete the “Revive” programme will receive a recipe booklet featuring all the meals and juice concoctions used throughout their cleansing journey.

The “Revive” five-day package starts at £900 per person exclusive of accommodation. The total package includes a full board meal plan, 5 detox shakes per day, probiotic vitamin supplements, a daily spa programme, and 3 days of yoga for beginners. A 72-hour advance reservation is required for all bookings. Prices are valid until 31 October 2017.

For booking or more information, email info@salahospitality.com or visit www.salahospitality.com