A Gold Standard solution to a generation of terrible chicken cookers

Gold Standard Nutrition, a group of fitness professionals tired of compromising on taste in order to meet their daily dietary requirements have combined resources and expertise with meat tradesmen to provide convenient, nutritious food with absolutely no compromise on taste.

 The UK has been re-educated on the benefits of protein rich diets, regardless of age, gender, or activity levels. A quick look around your local supermarket will prove how sexy protein is right now, and why shouldn’t it be? Have you ever heard of a low protein diet…?

 GSN chicken fillets are slowly steam cooked to retain moisture resulting in succulent, tender and tasty chicken breasts that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Each breast provides an optimal 31g of protein and are ideal for not only athletes, sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts but your average joe refusing to settle for sub-standard poultry.

 We asked Director and Founder of Gold Standard Nutrition Craig Allen, what inspired the creation of GSN’s precooked chicken?

“Scaremongering and fears of salmonella has resulted in a generation of terrible chicken cookers. The realization of how many people overcook chicken inspired us to provide a solution; steam cooked chicken fillets, the product we cook so you don’t have to!”

Have you succumbed to the meal prep lifestyle? Great timing! Thanks to GSN its now easier than ever, simply defrost your chicken breast overnight or in the morning and enjoy. Looking to add a little guilt free flavour? Try one of GSN’s low sugar sauces:

·         Rich Red Chilli & Garlic

·         Fiery Lime & Jalapeño

·         Green Chilli & Coriander

 Available from www.myGSN.co.uk for £3.50 each or £10 for three.

What do our customers think?

“This is by far and away the easiest food prep ever, its already done for you! No hassle of cooking and washing up, healthy, tasty and easy to use. 10/10”

– Toby

“Welcome to hassle free cooking and meal preparation! I will never buy a raw chicken breast again. The steamed chicken breasts are so quick, versatile and easy to prepare, juicy and tender with more flavour than your usual water filled supermarket rubbish”

– Rick

The 2.5kg (24 breasts) steam cooked chicken  is cheap, cheerful, convenient and available at www.mygsn.co.uk for £21.50 , that’s 89p per chicken breast.

Don’t settle for anything less than Gold Standard Nutrition!

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