Your Healthy Desk Essentials Guide

1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

 Walking around in the cold weather can cause our skin on to become dry and chapped. Also, if you find yourself washing your hands often to avoid catching the flu, this removes the natural oils from them, causing them to become dehydrated.

 If you want to prevent dry skin this winter keep a good quality moisturiser on your desk. Try the What Skin Needs Skin Balm (£13.99, Dr Roger Henderson, GP with a special interest in dermatology, explains, “The Skin Balm is designed to be easily absorbed by the skin and aid hydration and moisturising of the skin, without leaving any greasy residue.”



2. Fight the Morning Hunger

If you are someone who forgets to have breakfast before work, then keeping a healthy snack on your desk can eliminate that unbearable hunger before lunchtime.

Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at explains, “A healthy snack can help keep your blood sugar levels stable, which in turn helps to maintain energy levels, concentration and focus, and prevent those distracting hunger pangs.”

Stay away from ‘healthy’ energy bars. They are packed with sugar and can easily add up to additional 500 calories per week!  Energise your day naturally with the Nairn’s Super-Seeded Wholegrain Crackers (£1.99, Seeds are high in fibre, which keep you fuller for longer and also contain Vitamin B, which supports your heart function and immune system.



3. Cut Out the Sugar

When we’re under pressure at work, it becomes very easy to ease our stress by diving into the cookie jar. Psychologist Corrine Sweet explains, “Snacking becomes a habit-formation. It becomes something we do to keep ourselves busy when we are bored.”

If you want to combat your cravings, try the brand new Slissie.

Slissie (£39.99, is a lipstick-sized device, which delivers natural appetite-supressing flavours that instantly support anyone that wants to resist the sugary snack temptation. The smell and taste of Slissie is designed to trick the brain into the thinking that our cravings have been satisfied.

Corrine says, “With a little help from your Slissie friend, you will soon be reaping the rewards for the application of willpower.”


These delicious zero-calorie flavours will soon become a desk essential.



4. Take Your Vitamins


Is everyone sneezing and coughing around you? Getting through cold and flu season in the office without getting sick seems almost impossible. Support your body with the right supplement. Vitamin D is important for our overall health, not only with helping bone developing but also fighting off diseases. During these cold, winter months when we aren’t getting our “sunshine vitamins,” it is important to keep your Vitamin D levels topped up.


Try the Urgent-D Chewable Tablets by Vega Vitamins (£7.95, Nutritionist Cassandra Barns explains, “Vega’s Urgent D provides 2000 IU of vitamin D3 – an effective amount to help increase your vitamin D stores and keep them up. This is the dosage I recommend most adults take daily over winter, or even as a top-up throughout the year for those who don’t have regular sun exposure.”

5. Plants and Photos


Did you know putting a plant and photos of your loved ones on your desk could make you happier and more productive at work? [[1]] A Study has shown that the presence of plants in the workplace boots your ability to maintain attention. [[2]]