For those looking to maintain their fitness throughout the year or buckle down and get back into a fitness routine, Tesco’s reformulated and visually redesigned Nutri1st range now provides an even better boost to keep you going.

Colour coded to help you find the right product and easy to pick up whilst you’re doing your weekly shop, Nutri1st is a range of supplements that can help you optimise your workout. It has everything you need, whether it’s a performance boost, fuelling your gym session or helping towards that all important recovery.

Developed exclusively for Tesco, and suited for all abilities and training levels, the range has a selection of protein shakes and bars that will help you achieve your personal goals.

All Nutri1st products are registered with Informed-Sport to make sure every product is quality and safety assured.

PROTEIN SHAKES  The One for Performing
Nutri1st Perform (chocolate), £37.00, 2kg
Increase your muscle strength and power with this delicious shake. Containing creatine, it’s great for short bursts of high intensity exercise, and will help you achieve your performance goals.

The One for Bulking Up
Nutri1st Gain (chocolate), £33.00, 2kg
If developing muscle mass is your goal, this support formula will help you get results quickly by boosting calorie intake. Containing lots of protein and carbohydrate, it is the perfect supplement for gym goers who want to gain quickly

The One for Rebuilding
Nutri1st Rebuild (chocolate and strawberry), £23.00, 1kg
Specifically designed to help grow and maintain, Rebuild is great to use after your gym routine. Available in chocolate or strawberry flavour, it will help you get the most out of your gym session and get back on the treadmill time and time again.


The One for Power
Nutri1st Creatine, £10.00, 225g
Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short term, high intensity exercise.  Simply add this powder to any Nutri1st protein shake, it’s perfect for any HITT workout or a blast at the gym.


The Ones for ‘On-The-Go’
Nutri1st Rebuild Bar (Cookies and Cream and Crunchy Caramel Vanilla), £1.50, 60g
You won’t disappoint your taste buds with these high protein bars in a moreish cookie and cream or crunchy caramel flavour. Perfect for individuals looking to grow and maintain muscle, it will give you a needed boost. Great for those on the go when dashing from the gym to the office.


The redesigned Nutri1st range is available in Tesco stores and online from 17th October 2016.