It’s a fact of life that we are all getting older and for some; looking for that wonder product that will leave them looking youthful is the holy grail. Try as we might to slow down the process, there’s no point in spending hundreds of pounds on the latest wrinkle serum or high tech anti-aging creams, when stained, aged yellow teeth will only reflect our age more. In fact, many studies have proven as we get older, our teeth tend to turn more yellow due to thinning enamel, although this is also attributed to how we maintain our teeth.

A whiter smile gives a youthful appearance and in some cases experts say, can make you look instantly up to 5 years younger. Now you can turn back the clock on your looks, with brighter and whiter teeth in just 7 days with Instant Whites.

 Bringing credible and clinically proven teeth whitening solutions within everyone’s reach, the seven-day kit costs just £29.99 and delivers comparable results to professional treatments in the fastest and safety way possible. The portable kit can be used at home or easily transported wherever you go and promises none of the tooth or gum sensitivity that can be a common and unwanted side effect of other DIY whitening treatments.

 The Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System is available in Boots and retails at £29.99



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Picture 1874