Physical inactivity is moving higher and higher up the Public Agenda presenting the physical activity sector with significant opportunity – to further raise industry standards, collaborate with healthcare and connect with those responsible for the highest levels of human performance. Taking place at Olympia, London May 4-5, Elevate will bring together professionals from these different sectors to learn more about how exercise, health and performance connect.

Max Quittenton, Director of Elevate, comments: “Elevate will be the UK’s first cross-sector event, allowing professionals to come together, learn from each other and contribute their perspectives on how to tackle physical inactivity, facilitating future health innovation.


 Over the course of the two-day event 1,000’s of attendees will be welcomed, all benefiting from a free exhibition and seminar programme boasting 100’s of speakers and exhibitors.

Barry Kelly, Strategic Lead for Physical Activity and Health at London Sport, comments: “Elevate provides a chance for all stakeholders to contribute and learn more about how the connections between exercise, health and performance are strengthening. I look forward to discussing these topics and addressing the importance of collaborative approaches at the conference in May.”


Elevate will run three seminar streams covering Future Performance, Physical Activity for Health and Wellbeing and Inclusivity strategies to increase participation. Speakers represent a range of organisations including EIS, UK Sport, Intelligent Health, Public Health England, Juniper Research and Transport for London.

Professor Charlie Foster from the University of Oxford is a leader of physical activity and public health in the UK, and will be chairing a talk on physical activity as preventative care at the event. Charlie comments: “The UK Chief Medical Officers have prioritised physical activity and the new infographics for adults, children and young people will be essential tools for all health and fitness professionals to use to promote physical activity. Elevate brings together different sectors which, working together, have a much better chance of achieving success than working in silo.”


With inspiring attractions, practical demonstrations and innovative solutions feature areas, attendees will learn more about how the connections between exercise, health and performance are strengthening. Over 150 exhibitors will be there, including Powerplate, Intelligent Health, Wattbike and Active IQ.

Paul Bodger, Managing Director of Origin Fitness who will be exhibiting at the show, comments: “Origin Fitness is a brand to watch in the market and as we work to extend our range with exiting new products, being at Elevate is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our offering.”


 Supporters of the event include London Sport, The Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health (ISEH), The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), SIBEC and Parkour UK.

Prof Fares Haddad, ISEH Clinical Director, said: “The ISEH aims to translate between elite sport, amateur sports and exercise prescription; with the ultimate aim of both health and performance gains. We are pleased to support Elevate because we believe London is the best place for the major stakeholders to learn more about the ways in which exercise, health and performance connect.’’


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