Are Spider Veins Your Summer Skin Bane?

Varicose veins, spider veins or ‘knotty blue legs’, whatever you call yours, if you’re one of the 80 per cent of Brits who suffers from spider veins as things heat up and we ‘prepare to bare’ they just might have you reaching for your palazzos more than your midi dresses and shorts.


Spider veins are heavily associated with ageing and lend themselves to images of medical stockings and blue rinses making them a secret summer skin hang up for many. The causes of spider veins are multifaceted meaning they’re not a condition exclusive to the elderly.

Celebrities that suffer with the condition include Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Britney Spears, Emma Thomson and Kristin Davis.

Whilst varicose vein removal operations have improved let’s face it they’re being glamorised and sold to us as ‘lunch break’ surgery when they’re anything but. In reality the procedure involve consultation, assessment of test patches, recovery time, follow up prescriptions and does not work to prevent reoccurrence. The process isn’t always successful and quickly adds up.

Offering an affordable and pain free alternative to surgery, ‘Remescar Spider Veins’ both treats and prevents spider veins. The unique technology behind the product works in five ways to reinforce the vessel walls and provide structural support, protecting against triggers that damage the vascular structure it decreases the redness and length of the spider veins by inhibiting formation of new blood vessels and stimulating micro-circulation.

Giving instant visual results and the illusion of smoother, more even-toned complexion Remescar ‘Spider Veins’ is the beauty weapon of choice for those in the know and will have you summer ready in no time with spider veins crossed off your list of secret summer skin hang ups.



Remescar Spider Veins £29.95, 50ml will be available from Boots stores nationwide and from May 2015.