• British women are hitting their fitness peak at aged 28
  • Breast rash (BRASH) and dermatitis revealed as a leading skin health complaint affecting a quarter of British women, alongside buttock chaffing and jogger’s nipple
  • Professional sports stars found to be more motivating than celebrities with Jessica Ennis Hill and Rebecca Adlington topping the bill
  • Does my bum tum look big in this? Over half of British women dislike their tummies, but 94% feel at peace with their bum
  • One in ten British women prefer going commando when working out
  • Fitspiration: So 2015. 2016 is the year of Selfspiration

LONDON 27TH JANUARY 2016: British women are hitting their fitness peak at the age of 28, according to new research. As they near the big 3-0 women are exercising a minimum of three times a week and taking their health and fitness more seriously than ever before. And it seems looking good is top of the female agenda, with a resounding 73% of women working out to lose weight and stay in shape, to look the best they can look (53%) and to get rid of negative energy and destress (52%). The survey1, commissioned to mark the launch of new activewear range, by Stacey Jackson, polled 2,000 fitness conscious women nationwide to lift the lid on their behaviours and attitudes towards health and fitness in 2016 and to identify their leading health complaints.

As women are taking fitness more seriously and exercising more frequently, not all of the effects are positive, with almost a quarter (22%) of women suffering from persistent skin rashes and dermatitis, as well as odour and chaffing which can also lead to ‘joggers’ nipple’. The problem is compounded by women’s increasingly busy lifestyles which mean almost half of women (46%) are leaving their gym kits on without getting changed or showered post workout, which is one of the main causes of skin rashes and dermatitis. With one in five women complaining that it’s virtually impossible to get out of tight gym tops, this could explain their reluctance. As a consequence, almost a quarter of women have sought advice from a doctor, dermatologist or healthcare specialist and seven in ten women are opting to go commando when working out!

Leading dermatologist, Dr Raj Mallipeddi, explains: “When sweat or moisture gets trapped in skin folds, this leads to irritation and eventually dermatitis.”StaeFit creator, singer, career mum of four and fitness powerhouse, Stacey Jackson, added: “It’s astonishing that as many as one in four women are suffering in silence, as I did for so many years. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and persistent breast rash, or BRASH as I call it, was a big problem for me. I knew I couldn’t be the only one out there. Yet I was surprised to find, when I looked into it that there is nothing on the market that offers a solution, which led to me commissioning this body of research.”

Jackson spent the last few years travelling the globe and working with leading sports fabric technologists and dermatologists, to design and patent a stylish product that will put an end to this common complaint.

2015 marked a healthy shift away from traditional ‘thin’ celebrity images with a move towards ‘fitspiration’, real body trends fuelled social media channels such as Instagram. 2016 looks set to continue this evolution, as it’s revealed women are shunning the ‘FITSPO’ phenomenon, with almost half (45%) of British women claiming they find the notion too extreme because it does not take into account genetics and lifestyle factors. One in five women even consider ‘FITSPO’ as bullying and shaming tactics. Instead women are digging deep and finding inspiration from within: ‘SELFSPIRATION’, with almost half (48%) of British women claiming they are motivated primarily by themselves, followed closely by friends (21%) and trained gym instructors (21%).

This refreshing shift is further reflected when women were asked which public figures they finding inspiring when it comes to fitness, with professional sports stars Jessica Ennis Hill and Rebecca Addington topping the bill over celebrities including Kelly Brook, Vicky Pattison, Charlotte Crosby, Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian. From an aesthetics perspective, however, when describing their ideal body women aspire to having a rack like Holly Willoughby, legs like Kate Middleton, a bum like Kylie Minogue and abs like Jessica Ennis-Hill’s.

On the subject of their bodies, it’s revealed that over half (55%) of British women feel glum about their tum, naming it the least favourite part of their body, but bottoms are up with 94% of women feeling good about theirs.

The survey also found that when women start to take their health and fitness more seriously at the average age of 28, their biggest priority becomes purchasing good quality sportswear (57%) followed by downloading more fitness apps (37%) or purchasing gym equipment for home use (34%). And it seems comfort is by far the most important factor for women when choosing sportswear (80%), followed closely by value for money (66%) and technical factors such as the fabric and suitability for its purpose (52%). The brand was not very important to women with only 10% citing it as a consideration.

Available at from today, the StaeFit capsule collection was created around the ultra-absorbent and patent-pending2 workout top, designed to draw away trapped moisture underneath the breasts which causes irritation and dermatitis after gym-goers keep their kit on post workout. The unique material contains antibacterial treatment which absorbs odour, it also comprises flat lock seams which prevent chaffing, helping to eradicate other workout ailments such as ‘jogger’s nipple’. The StaeFit tops, available in a range of designs with fully supportive built in sports bras, are the only front fastening, full-length activewear tops on the market, making sweaty encounters wrestling sports bras over your head a thing of the past.

Ensuring that function in no way compromises fashion, the StaeFit range is supremely flattering and stylish, comprising elastane and compression based side panels designed to sculpt and streamline figures. The racerback vest tops are available in opaque black with vibrant pink piping detail, or black with geometric print. The full length leggings are also available in black with pink piping or black with geometric print. The racerback tops also comprise air-tech panelling for ventilation and cooling, plus a convenient pocket for a key and a small MP3 player.



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