Opportunity for you to make more money with a fresh new partnership


Opportunity for you to make more money with a fresh new partnership

Skin and bodycare specialist activbod is offering you the opportunity to increase your revenue and reward your clients. activbod can help you drive revenue up whilst at the same time encouraging and rewarding the nation for being active.

Who are activbod?

activbod is a range of skin and body care products that have been specially formulated for use pre and post exercise. Developed by skin and sports experts, activbod combines the science of skincare with natural ingredients and the unique needs of sports and exercise enthusiasts to deliver products that help to aid recovery, improve comfort during exercise and banish workout worries. activbod uses invigorating gender free fragrances which can affect the mood, leave skin smelling fresh and help to awaken and revitalise. Warming, cooling and skin protecting ingredients deliver results you can feel helping to aid recovery, cleanse and rebalance skin moisture levels post exercise.

How can activbod help you make more money?

There are several ways you can work with activbod to boost your revenue – whether you fancy selling activbod products or rewarding it to clients we can work up a bespoke package to suit your business needs.

Why partner with activbod?

It’s not just about the revenue share, here at activbod we are passionate about encouraging and rewarding activity as we have a BIG ambition to raise the heart rate of the nation and get people moving!

We also proudly support the work of the Women’s Sport Trust (WST) who receive 10% of net profits’.
To find out more about activbod and sign-up for the partnership, please visit www.activbod.com/affiliates

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