Italian sustainable haircare brand, Davines, has revealed the latest project in its I Sustain Beauty campaign – a global initiative intended to promote sustainable beauty.

The newest project to be featured in the campaign – whereby salons across the world are encouraged to create their own beauty projects – is a collaboration between Davines and the non-profit Venetian Heritage Foundation. In an effort to preserve Italian cultural heritage, the scheme involved the restoration of three monumental benches, discovered in Venice’s Palazzo Contarini San Beneto. Dating back to 1748, these pieces of furniture had been badly affected over the centuries, by weather and floods. The collaborative project involved 12 months of restoration work, to return the benches to their original beauty and to reveal their original decoration. The restored benches – embellished with coats of arms set within architectural trompe l’oeils – are on view to the public at Ca’ Rezzonico, which is hosting the Venetian Eighteenth century Museum, during the International Art Exhibition in Venice.

As part of the I Sustain Beauty campaign, salons across the world are encouraged to create their own beauty projects, whether it be something of artistic beauty, environmental beauty or social beauty, and profile them through a dedicated website The website currently features more than 30 projects from all over the world. Contributors to this campaign include three individuals identified by Davines as ‘true beauty sustainers’, who come from outside the beauty industry and are attempting to encourage improving the world we live in and creating sustainable beauty. Their contributions to the campaign can be seen by following the links below:

Toto Bergamo Rossi, Director of the Venetian Heritage Foundation

“We are surrounded by beauty, beauty is everywhere and we must make an effort. Take 10 minutes, open a door, go and see, take someone with you, share the beauty. Beauty is often there awaiting us, and it’s up to us to make the effort to go out there and grab it.”

Matteo Thun, Award-winning Architect and Designer

“Beauty is an inner problem: check your agenda, dedicate yourself to free time in the right way, avoid digital frenzy. Beauty is also respect for your times and for what you want to be. Beauty is as necessary as food and love, without beauty we cannot live well.”

Gundula Deutschlander, Manager of the Babylonstoren Gardens of Cape Town

“We must remember to cultivate even the small moments in life. I love what is beautiful and I love what is beautiful in life, you do not need to die to go to paradise, you just have to improve things around you to live in the paradise you’d like.”