The globally renowned Allilon Education team has held a seminar in the heart of Athens, Greece to showcase its educational skills alongside the Davines sustainable haircare line.

Allilon Education co-founder, Johnny Othona, and Director and Men’s Hair Specialist, Jonathan Corby, along with Colour Director Madeleine Murphy embarked on a five-day trip to Athens to deliver the seminar and then a two-day class on primary work and advanced disconnection.

The two-day course was attended by students, and involved demonstrations, lectures and hands-on workshops. Designed to introduce any stylist to the world of primary disconnection, the course helps them establish when, why and how disconnection is used. The Allilon Education team then presented its latest collection – Okafor.

Founded in 2008 by Johnny Othona and Pedro Inchenko, Allilon is a renowned group of trainers who focus on achieving the highest standards in education. The sister company to Ena Salon, the Davines flagship in London, Allilon Education is renowned for innovation and dedication to the craft of hairdressing, the brand offers a wide range of courses both at its Academy in London and in the rest of the world, and also designs vanguard seasonal collections.

Says Johnny Othona, Director, Allilon Education: “Allilon Education firmly believes in profiling the brand globally to spread the Allilon philosophy far and wide. We love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and it helps our brand maintain sustainability in the current climate. We learn something new on every trip and look forward to returning to the London salon to distill our knowledge with the team.”