The USA-based B Hive Organic Salon, winner of the prestigious 2014 Eco Salon Award in the annual global Davines Eco Salon Contest, is an unique, organic, eco friendly salon located just outside NYC in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey.

Owners James and Angela Dawn believe that beauty should never sacrifice your health, the health of your hair or the health of the planet and have succeeded in creating a space with the health of the stylist fully in mind. From the air quality, products and equipment through to the overall company ethos and attitude, the ultimate aim was for stylists to feel they worked in a safe, healthy environment.

To achieve this, the B Hive salon has been furnished eco efficiently and fully engages in recycling and waste reduction. The salon design showcases recycled 100-year-old barn siding throughout using recycled glass shelving to blend in a bit of the contemporary and to tone down the rustic look. The retail area, front desk and colour room table are all made from the same barn. The colour room mirrors are made from recycled tin and workstations are wrapped in a certified green veneer. The high-end, second-hand styling chairs were refurbished using a 100% green fabric, (similar to a wet suit), called Eco-Tech. Energy is purchased from wind and solar powered sources, which can save between 10-20% on electricity.

A WiFi thermostat can be adjusted remotely and communicates with the security system to sense when people leave or arrive, to make on the spot adjustments. B Hive uses a low VOC paint throughout the salon and runs high-end air filters that remove not only dust and allergens, but pathogens as well, to improve indoor air quality.

The creative salon displays are all made out of recycled materials, like old barn-wood, recycled salon developer bottles and even old styling capes. The blend of old and new, such as old sewing tables, chandeliers and delivery pallets, for a rustic or contemporary look, works well and is a talking point with clients.

The company is also working with a local sustainable farm ( to provide them with recycled hair for mulch and composting. The rich nutrients in the hair are great for the soil and when used as mulch can keep animals such as deer and rabbits from using eating produce. They hope to expand this program to other local salons as well. The farm, which is run 100% by volunteers, will also be keeping bees with BHIve looking to host a fundraiser to sponsor building 20 bee hives for their property that will be home to close to one million bees.

Said James and Angela Dawn, Directors, B Hive: “Our ideas about sustainability are much deeper rooted than just the basics of recycling; we feel that sustainability has just as much to do with being good to the community, having great family values and working together for the greater good. Davines is progressive in keeping an eye on the future and we are working with them to bring together like-minded eco salons to pioneer new ideas as we continue our salon journey.”



  • Recycling foils, glass, paper and plastic bottles
  • Using recycled styling chairs in a certified EcoTek fabric
  • A reclaimed barn siding retail area, reclaimed wood table and tin mirrors
  • Only using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and soap
  • Using sustainable bamboo towels and brushes
  • Using eco hairdryers and energy star appliances
  • Harvesting rainwater for plants and flowers
  • All salon décor comes from eco-conscious companies
  • Bee products are sourced from local New Jersey Beekeepers
  • Tea and coffee products are Fair Trade and Organic
  • The reception desk is wrapped in certified green veneer with a Low E glass top
  • Participating in a CO2 compensation program
  • Training staff about how to reduce the consumption of energy and waste
  • Hosting an annual Earth Week event every year