Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics

Ailesbury - 01-1Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics is one of the leading training organisations for hair-restoration surgery. It was established seven years ago and has 57 franchises and partner clinics throughout the UK, India, Turkey and the UAE.

In 2013 it won the My Face My Body Award, a prestigious industry award for one of the most innovative aesthetic medical procedures in the UK and Republic of Ireland, which was voted on by UK and Irish doctors. Ailesbury Hair Clinic was established by the current CEO Lorraine Lambert, who has 18 years’ experience in business development and the management of hair-restoration clinics internationally. Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics was also the only hair restoration clinic to have been asked to participate by The Parliamentary Review which has a foreword by the Rt Hon David Cameron.

Training doctors and safeguarding patients

Aesthetic surgery of all kinds is too often taught poorly and lacks adequate follow-up training or evaluation of surgical expertise and abilities. Too often we hear of cosmetic surgery disasters, and this could be dealt with easily and swiftly by establishing a much needed body of specialists within the field.

The aesthetic-surgery field should be treated no differently from any other in terms of best practice, training standards and protocols. At Ailesbury, all our doctors, medical teams, franchises and partner clinics follow a very specific and well-organised surgical protocol. Dr Patrick Treacy, our Medical Director, monitors live surgical procedures daily at all international clinics via a webcam, and this is extremely helpful in supervising newly trained medical staff. A staggering 52 clinics in India alone carry out our hair-restoration technique. Richfeel Trichology is our Indian partner, and works closely with us in a highly structured way to monitor and appraise the medical teams carrying out the procedures. Close observation of medical teams performing surgery is vital for both good results and patient safety.


The successes of Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics

Having taken forward the traditional methods of hair-restoration surgery by using new technology, we established a hair-restoration surgical training programme for doctors and nurses. We believe that in-depth, hands-on and well-monitored surgical training is necessary for any doctor to be able to learn and carry out a hair-restoration surgical procedure to a high standard.

At present it is not obligatory for a doctor to undergo any kind of hands-on surgical training before performing procedures on the general public. We feel that this is a serious oversight on the part of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is responsible for granting practising rights. Unfortunately, the field of hair-restoration surgery is notorious for unacceptable outcomes resulting from procedures being carried out by poorly-trained, underachieving doctors.


The way forward from poor standards across the industry

For standards within the field of hair-restoration surgery to be raised it is necessary that the following occur:

» Practitioners should work with the CQC to set up a body of specialists who will certify, monitor and accredit doctors and nurses.

» Accreditation should be renewed annually and practitioners’ results monitored closely.

»  All accredited members should attend not less than two industry meetings annually.

»  Training institutions should also be accredited and monitored.

How we got there

The success of Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics has been based on best practice, tight protocols, surgical innovation and high-level training of medical staff in a field, where training is, in general, of a very low standard and innovation is close to zero.

Stepping ahead – the Ailesbury hair loss product line

We have developed our own line of specially-designed hair loss products for both men and women, which are now being sold on Amazon globally. These products will be rolled out internationally in 2015.

The future

On a commercial level, we will continue to train doctors and nurses from all over the world at our training academy and establish new Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics, franchises and partner clinics. On an industry level, we would like to push hard to monitor the hair-restoration field by working with the CQC to train and closely monitor medical staff carrying out these procedures.