PURE GYM: Why midnight gym-goers are on the rise in Milton Keynes

Midnight gym-goers are on the increase in Milton Keynes– and fitness addict Zib Atkins tells us why this is happening.

More and more gym-goers are choosing to burn their body fat at the early hours of the morning.

But many of us are asking the question – how and why could someone possess the will to workout late when they could be asleep instead?

PureGym told MKWEB that 20 per cent of its members now train at night – most of which are shift workers.

Callum Bonthrone, Gym Manager at Pure Gym Milton Keynes said: “PureGym finds a healthy balance, so that it can fit around any lifestyle. We find more and more that our 24/7 approach to keeping fit and healthy works for so many.

“Being 24/7 means those that do shift work, long hours, or night work aren’t neglected and can still keep their bodies and minds in shape.

“Milton Keynes is a fast growing city with many people, we like to cater for all. We have quite a few exciting members that train at night for many reasons and many goals. But the important thing is that we are working towards a healthier Milton Keynes.”

Zib Atkins, 27 from Oldbrook, Milton Keynes, who typically uses the gym from 12.30am – 2.00am – sheds some light on this strange phenomenon.

He said: “I’ve been a keen gym user for the past 9 years now, regularly training at least 3 times a week, and for the last several years I have been making a great use of the new trend in 24hour gyms (firstly in Pure Gym Birmingham, and then for the past year in Pure Gym Milton Keynes.)

“For me it is a matter of availability. I am currently at university, running my own business and trying to find time to spend with my partner and son.

“As you can imagine it is a pretty hectic schedule, and I normally find myself working up until the late/early hours.

“I hate missing the gym – so I get up there once I’ve completed everything at home and work – which is usually very late.

“This also makes a more constructive use of my time, as during the late hours the gym is nice and quiet, so there is no waiting around for equipment to become free.

“I can get in, get everything done that I need to do, and then get out; nice and quick!

“I also find my body responds better at night; whether this is due to the hormonal/energy fluctuations throughout the day, or because I’ve had 5-6 decent meals inside of me – I don’t know!

“I normally find my energy levels are pretty good at night. As soon as I get into the gym my body knows it’s going into action – so the adrenaline release instantly wakes me up.

“There are a few regular faces at the late night gym sessions. It tends to be others who have a really busy schedule, or those who have to wait until putting the kids to sleep to hit the weights.

“It makes a nicer atmosphere, as in peak hours there are so many people in a hurry to work out that there is little chance to say hello.

Zib, who is currently training for a few power-lifting competitions, told MKWEB that he enjoys the competitive nature of working out.

He said: “Having previously won a strongman competition in Oxford last August, I will be taking part in a national student powerlifting competition next month, a British qualifying event with the BPU in March, and then the national finals in April too.”