Christmas crunches! Free festive British Military Fitness session for all in Plymouth

British Military Fitness (BMF), the UK’s undisputed leader in outdoor fitness, is getting into the festive spirit by putting on a special Christmas fitness class at Central Park in Plymouth for anybody who turns up in festive attire on Monday 22nd December at 7pm.

BMF instructors will be hosting a free fitness session in the park and are encouraging members and non-members to don their best Christmassy clothing and take part in a range of festive exercises. Participants can look forward to a mixture of activities, from team-based exercises, to the BMF 12 days of Christmas routine, which is to include five burpees, four jumping jacks, three squat thrusts, two static squats and a run up and down the hill.

Mark Corney, BMF Instructor at Central Park, commented: “Staying both fit and festive are equally important around Christmas so we think this is a fantastic way to do both this year. Everybody likes to enjoy themselves over the festive period and we believe that’s the way it should be. There is no need for people to feel guilty about having an extra mince pie, especially if they have attended our free festive session!