EFDS publishes new guidelines for disability sport and fitness providers

The English Federation of Disability Sport has published a new set of guidelines for sport and fitness providers.

The guidelines form a part of the Talk To Me report – published on 31 October – and draw from consultations with both active and inactive disabled people.

In total, the report identifies 10 key principles aimed at helping providers improve their offer to disabled people and make it more appealing.

Talk To Me goes through each principle in detail, providing evidence of what disabled people are looking for and recommendations of how to meet expectations.

According to Barry Horne, EFDS chief executive, the key findings of the report can be grouped under three main headings – drive awareness, engage the audience and offer support and reassurance.

“We know that a great majority of disabled people are more likely to respond to opportunities to get active which tap into the things that matter to them most,” Horne said.

“These include: building connections, family and support systems and health. Simply having fun is what most of us seek out, and more often than not disabled people are looking for opportunities which are as likely to appeal to their non-disabled friends and family.”

Official figures show that less than half the number of disabled people take part in sport or physical activity for 30 minutes once a week compared to non-disabled people.

EFDS research suggests that seven in 10 disabled people would take part in more sport and physical activity if it was more accessible to them. – See more at: http://www.leisureopportunities.co.uk/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=312358#sthash.7kaEhObk.dpuf